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Oct 25, 2017

Doug Wilson talks about the endless war on energy, Wodehouse's amazing book "Leave it to Psmith", and then he finishes off with a look into the word "athesmos". Happy Plodding!

Current Events: The War on Energy

 - Scott Pruitt (EPA)
 - The War on Energy is really a war on the poor. 
 - James 2:16 
9:20 Book Plug: Leave It To Psmith -- Wodehouse 
 - Favorite crafter of metaphors 
 - Code of the Woosters 
 - Joy Comes in the Morning 
15:40 Hamartiology: athesmos
2 Peter 2:7, 3:18 "error of the wicked" 
 - Christians need to learn to "keep it simple." We know God destroyed Sodom, and we know why. What we don't know is how many long term, committed relationships there were in Sodom. Neither should we car. Growing in grace and in the knowledge of Jesus is directly related to the avoidance of wickedness. Sad to say, this assertion is now officially controversial in some Christian quarters.