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Sep 26, 2018

Welcome plodders! This week Douglas Wilson talks about the abortion of the family, Michael Ward’s book, “Christology Cosmology & C.S. Lewis” and hamartia and hamartano in 2 Peter. Happy plodding!


Show notes:


The abortion of the family:

  • The killing of babies is not the only problem
  • The decision to legalize...

Sep 19, 2018

Welcome plodders! This week Douglas Wilson talks about temptation and the three levels of mortification. Then he goes on to review Paul Bloom’s book, “Against Empathy”. Wrapping it up with a look at hamartia and hamartano in 1 Peter. Happy plodding!


Show Notes:


Temptation & Mortification:

  • We are tempted by...

Sep 12, 2018

Welcome to the Plodcast! Today Pastor Wilson address’ Authority in preaching, claiming that many modern preachers are coiling away from their authority in the pulpit. Next he plods on to review “The Magician’s Twin” and finishes things off with a look at Hamartia in James. Happy Plodding!

Show Notes:



Sep 5, 2018

Welcome plodders! Pastor Wilson kicks things off this week by addressing the controversial  topic of chastity and how it is not the same virtue for both sexes. After that, he reviews Mark Jones’ amazing book, “Knowing Christ”. Wrapping things up with a look at Hamartia in Hebrews. Enjoy!

Show Notes:


Lock and...