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Oct 25, 2017

Doug Wilson talks about the endless war on energy, Wodehouse's amazing book "Leave it to Psmith", and then he finishes off with a look into the word "athesmos". Happy Plodding!

Current Events: The War on Energy

 - Scott Pruitt (EPA)
 - The War on Energy is really a war on the poor. 
 - James 2:16 

Oct 18, 2017

Pastor Wilson discusses the Greek word "athemitos", Theodore Dalrymple's book "Life at the Bottom", and he tops the whole thing off with his thoughts on the NFL and its athletes refusing to stand for the national anthem. Make sure to join him every Wednesday for his newest episodes! Happy...

Oct 11, 2017

Hamartiologyatheos - Ephesians 2:12 

In Ephesians 2:12 it refers to those who are "without God," that is, godless. 
Our use of the word is a lot closer to agnostic and this could break down several different ways. 
Book PlugPolitics of Guilt & Pity by R.J. Rushdoony 
Current Events: Harvey Weinstein...

Oct 4, 2017

Pastor Wilson discusses the Las Vegas Shooting, gun control arguments, and Stephen Paddock. He plugs H.L. Mencken’s “A Mencken Chrestomathy" and unpacks “Adikomos;” reprobate or cast away. Be sure to join him every Wednesday for the newest edition of the Plodcast. Happy plodding!