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Oct 17, 2018

Welcome plodders! This week Douglas Wilson talks about theistic evolution. He then goes on to review Josephine Tey’s book, “Daughter of Time”. Wrapping it up with a look at hamartia in the book of Revelation. Happy plodding!


Show notes:


Theistic evolution

  • observation of atheistic evolution
  • A theistic evolution is serving the ultimate god of the gaps
  • You can’t have agony without sin


Daughter of Time

  • Written by Josephine Tey
  • Concludes that Henry the 3rd is one of history's great good guys and Henry the 7th is the bad guy
  • If you enjoy history (particularly of the English royal line) you will love this book!



  • Looking at Harmatia in Revelation
  • Revelation 1:5, 18:4, and 18:5