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Oct 31, 2018

This week Douglas Wilson talks about the caravan headed for the border. He then goes on to recommend Hughes Oliphant Old’s, “Worship in The Reformed Tradition.” Wrapping it up with a look at “Amachos,” a New Testament word. Happy plodding!


The Caravan headed for the border

  • We want genuine refugees to make it across the border
  • This isn’t about genuine refugees - it’s a political stunt
  • You can’t make policy based on a photo of a child crying at the border


Worship in The Reformed Tradition

  • Written by Hughes Oliphant Old
  • Biblically grounded, historically literate treatment of liturgics and worship in the Reformed tradition



  • Rendered as “not a brawler”
  • 1 Tim. 3:3, Tit. 3:2