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Jun 6, 2018

Welcome to the Plodcast! Listen in to hear Pastor Doug talk about Edenic perfection. Then he plugs James Dolezal’s book, All That is in God. Finishing things off with a look at the Greek word “hamartano”. Happy Plodding!

Show Notes:

Edenic Perfection:

  • What do we mean when we think about the garden of Eden being a perfect place
  • What did a perfect garden look like and not look like?
  • Entropy existed prior to the fall
  • But the entropy and death of man was introduced by sin

All that is in God:

  • Written by James Dolezal
  • This is a defense of the doctrine of divine simplicity
  • God is not a composite being, God is a simple being
  • Anything that is in God, is God
  • We don’t believe that God is Zeus standing on a balcony looking down on us


  • Found in Luke, rendered as sin and trespass
  • Luke 15:18, the prodigal son confesses to his father that he has sinned
  • Luke 15:21, Jesus says that if a brother trespasses against us we should forgive him upon repentance, even if he does it 7 times in one day
  • Hamartia is found 7 times in Luke
  • (Luke 1:77, 3:3, 5:20/21/23/24, 7:47/48/49, 11:4, 24:27)