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May 30, 2018

Welcome to the Plodcast! Listen in to hear Pastor Doug address guilt and totalitolerance. Then he goes on to plug the book, Suicide of the West, based off of a review written by David Bahnsen & Brian Mattson. Finishing things off with a look at the Greek word “hamartia”. Happy Plodding!

Show Notes:


Guilt & Totalitolerance:

  • Many of the liberties that are being offered to Americans are bribes
  • They are bribes from an establishment that wants a docile and easily manipulated public
  • The fact that Americans have indulged themselves in so many ways, means that they are carrying a fundamental burden of guilt
  • A guilty people will be the most fiercely moralistic people
  • There is a tight connection between guilt and totalitolerance
  • Preachers need to realize this and start preaching free grace


Suicide of the West:

  • This is a review of a book review
  • The review was about Jonah Goldberg’s “The Suicide of the West”
  • The review was by David Bahnsen & Brian Mattson
  • They both give this book a rave review, dinging Goldberg for his atheism
  • Gratitude requires an object, gratitude presupposes relationship
  • If you don’t have metaphysical money in the bank the checks you wright are all going to bounce



  • Continued from episode 43, means sin
  • Mentioned 6 times in the book of Mark
  • Mark 1:4,1:5,2:5,7:5,9:5,10:5