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May 16, 2018

Welcome to the Plodcast! Listen in to hear Pastor Doug address Eric Schneiderman and the logical downfall of the “me-too” movement. Then he goes on to plug the book, Reformation Worship by Gibson and Earngy. Finishing things off with a look at the Greek word “Amathes’.

Show Notes:


Eric Schneiderman & Not Being a Hypocrite:

  • When women make “me-too” arguments, they are assuming moral absolutes exist
  • The whole “me-too” movement is radically relativistic when it comes to ethics
  • You can’t adopt a “do what you feel” worldview and argue that men are wrong for molesting or raping
  • If there is no God there’s no such thing as a hypocrite
  • In the Christian cosmos hypocrisy is a sin
  • In the “me-too” world there is no such thing as sin


Reformation Worship:

  • Written by Gibson & Earngy
  • Fabulous resource on reformational liturgics
  • They have assembled some of the classic reformed orders of worship



  • The word amathes means unleared
  • Mentioned once in the NT (2 Peter 3:16)
  • Those who are unlearned and yet gather to themselves the prerogatives of learning -- which would include the authority to interpret the letters of Paul -- are demonstrating that they are unlearned for a reason
  • They are unstable souls, and their ignorance is sinful