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Mar 28, 2018

Tune in to hear Pastor Wilson talk about Christian Movies, especially the Kendrick Brothers movies. Then he plugs Productive Christians in an Age of Guilt Manipulators, and wraps things up with a talk about the Greek word “Aladzoneia”. Happy Plodding! 

Show Notes:

Kendrick Brothers Movies:

  • it is very easy to make fun of Christian movies
  • as a pastor I found myself really wishing that people I knew would be able to see and be affected by these movies
  • people are misreading these movies
  • the fault is assigned to the evangelicalism of the filmmakers
  • it wasn’t the evangelicals that made all of the crappy hollywood movies, people don’t say that these movies were bad because of the secularism of the director
  • whatever criticisms are leveled at these movies, it does not have to do with the story arc
  • the things thats these movies need are better sets and actors

Productive Christians in an Age of Guilt Manipulators:

  • written by David Chilton
  • a great introduction to people who want to think about everything, including economics, within a biblical framework
  • rather than within a cluster of biblical sentiments
  • Chilton shows that in a world that God made there is no such thing as a fixed pie


  • means boasting (Rom. 1:30, 2 Tim. 3:2)
  • James says that it is evil to take pride and boast in your future and all of the things you plan to do
  • John condemns this particular swelling as well